3 Ways to Keep Your Cloud Network Secure

Whether large-scale enterprise, or local SME, more and more businesses are adopting, either in part or whole, cloud-based solutions. There are numerous reasons for this adoption in terms of cost-effectiveness, scalability and efficiency.

And security.

The cloud offers an inherently secure environment for your IT network, with quality providers offering multi-layered protection, and potentially higher levels of security at their storage centres than many legacy (in-house) systems can offer.

That’s not to say, however, that businesses should slip into complacency when it comes IT security. While the cloud itself offers high levels of security, risks can still exist in the form of bad practice, poor utilisation of the tools available to you, or simply taking your eye off the ball and assuming that all is well.

Protecting Your Sensitive Data

Do you have an understanding of how your data is being secured within your IT network?

In a world where the transfer of data across a multitude of digital channels is so prevalent, and with heightened legislation around data security, you need to be ensuring that your data protection levels are as good as they can be.

For both compliance and peace of mind purposes, work with your IT provider to ensure the data stored in your cloud network is protected by encryption – both in storage and transition. They should be providing the highest level of security against breach, and due diligence in your need to comply with regulations. 

Best Practice in the Business

While it’s imperative to have a robust and secure system in place, the reality is that it has to go hand in hand with good working practice from all those who use and have access to the network.

As an IT support specialist, we work with companies across South Wales to analyse and advise both on the infrastructure of their network, and consultation with staff on best and safe practice at work.

This might be everything from driving home the important role that everyone has to play in the sanctity of the system, to raising awareness of potential weak spots or areas of vulnerability, such as phishing emails that might appear in an employees’ inbox.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

As we’ve discussed before, having a disaster recovery plan in the unlikely event that a breach does occur, is an essential part of your overall security strategy.

If you have invested in the right cloud network for your business then you will likely have a robust internal backup structure in place. A regularly-scheduled, automatic back-up of all essential data offers peace of mind, ensuring that, in the event of a failure or breach, your data can be retrieved.

Should you be faced with a catastrophe, having in place further contingencies for business continuity gives you additional piece of mind that your system is as protected as it is possible to be. Work with your IT provider, who will be able to advise both the right cloud infrastructure and recovery strategy for your company.


Ensuring that your network is a safe environment for your business is essential, with any breach having the potential to cost your business on the balance sheet, as well as your reputation in the market.

This is why we advocate the combination of a cloud network that offers the best levels of encryption security with an understanding and education of everyone who has a stake in the safety of the business.

For further advice on how to attain the highest levels of protection for your business and your due diligence, give us a call today and let us help. 

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