4 Simple Measures To Help Maintain Your IT System

Having a healthy and smooth running I.T. system can play a crucial role in the day to day operation of your business. And, as we’ve previously discussed, when it fails it can be a major hassle and, invariably, pretty costly.

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your system is, from a single PC in a small office to a major infrastructure across multiple locations, the reality is that even the smallest glitch somewhere within can lead to a shutdown and some fairly monumental headaches.

Of course, at Sabre we’re all about your I.T. system, with experts on hand to ride to the rescue when things go awry. But did you know there are a number of things that you can do – or perhaps put into place – that can significantly help keep your system running smoothly and to minimise the risk of, to paraphrase Chris Rea, technological breakdown.

Here’s a few for starters…

Stay on top of software updates

The software you use across your I.T. system will frequently be subject to updates – if you’ve ever started up a PC at home or at work you’ll surely have seen occasional messages to update some programme or other. These updates are generally made so that the software remains usable on ever changing platforms and, importantly, to keep themselves protected against viruses, bugs and other malware.

So keep on top of these updates, when you are prompted to do so – do so. Or else communicate with your friendly I.T. professional who will ensure that all software is up to date and correctly loaded.

Be Vigilant of Viruses

The threat of a virus infecting your computer system, or other types of malware, bug or even hacking attempts are a very real, and potentially very damaging risk to your business. Destroyed software or equipment, loss (or theft) of data or the complete shut-down of your system are possible repercussions – all of which can be devastating to your business. 

So you need to put some protection into place.

Make sure you have robust and effective anti-virus software and similar protective devices installed on your system and, as above, it is vital that you ensure they are kept updated.

Check for weak spots in your equipment

It’s just a simple fact that, as with all equipment, over time it will erode or break down through nothing more than time and wear and tear. Therefore we always advise that you put into place a programme to regularly audit and check the equipment; replacing any parts that are showing signs of deterioration before they cause major disruption to the system overall. Utilising the skills of a trained I.T. professional for such checks and audits can provide peace of mind and excellent value as part of your preventative maintenance programme.

Be Clean!

Keeping your I.T equipment clean can play a big part in ensuring your system operates to its maximum ability and can certainly aid in the prevention of bigger problems further down the line.

Modern computers and related hardware are pretty sturdy devices and able to withstand the rigours of daily office life. However, they are prone to problems through any build-up of grime, dirt and especially dust.

Dust is NOT the friend of your computer. Incorporate effective cleaning routines into your office cleaning, paying particular attention to dust control and you can go a long way to helping with the health of your overall I.T. system.

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