4 Ways to Supercharge Your PC

If you’ve ever experienced the endless wait for a page to load or a document to open, you’d be forgiven for thinking that PC stands for puny computer.

And that’s probably a mild version of what you’ve shouted at it!

But before you consider unplugging the offending machine and hurling it out of the window, here are four things you could do that might breathe new life into your flagging PC.

1.      Converting from HDD to SSD

It’s a tried and tested method for rejuvenating an ailing PC system but load speeds can drastically improve if you replace an older HDD hard drive with a new SSD.

Traditional hard drives operate as spinning disks in the system, whereas SSDs have no moving parts which can enhance the efficiency of a PC.

Delivering faster read and write speeds, it should reduce the amount of time you spend staring at your screen like an expectant zombie.

2.      Defragging your disk

The common cause of a slow system on an older HDD hard drive is the fragmenting of data.

This is where the information on your drive gets broken up and scattered through frequent use, which means it will take longer to locate it when it’s required.

Running a disk defragmentation – which you can find through your windows control panel – can re-organise your data so that it’s easier to find.

This will often make significant improvements to your PC’s overall speed.

3.      Decluttering your system

Over time, the hard drive of a PC that is in regular use is likely to get cluttered with data.

This could be software or programmes that have been downloaded from different sites, apps you’ve only ever used once or even fragments of old code.

This redundant data is taking up space and generally slowing things down.

There are a number of programmes available which will seek out and remove the clutter, giving your system a bit of a spring clean.

You’ll hopefully find that freeing up space will improve the performance and speed of your PC or laptop.

4.      Removing bugs

Malware, adware and other bugs that can get into your PC system could be having a significant effect on its overall speed and performance.

Programmes are available online which can remove these ‘infestations’, restoring speed and efficiency.

Alternatively, you could always call in some IT support experts (like us) to analyse your issues and deliver the most appropriate solutions.

We deliver IT solutions for businesses across South Wales, so get in touch today and we could help you supercharge your PC.

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