7 Ways Office 365 Can Help Your Business

Here at Sabre we’ve been helping businesses in Cardiff and the surrounding region adopt and indeed, get the full benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 system. This is Microsoft’s ‘cloud’ version of its comprehensive suite of office software – the ones we’re all familiar with such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as other additional features designed to make for an efficient and versatile solution for working at the office, home or remotely.

Hosted by Microsoft the Office 365 system designed for the easy access and sharing of documents and files, emails and messaging as well as enabling the user to access the software across a range of platforms from your PC and Laptop to smartphone or tablet. And all without the need of setting up expensive servers or virtual private networks (VPNs).

So, let’s take a quick look at some of the key reasons we feel that Office 365 has the ability to provide businesses with significant, value adding benefits.

Flexibility and Access Anywhere Ease

Wherever and whenever you need access to the important documents or data for your work, with Microsoft 365 you can get it. From emails, documents, calendars or your contact list, everything is stored safely on the cloud server and ready for you to receive as you need it. Retrievable from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone of choice (made even more accessible through its range of user-friendly Apps) makes 365 one of the most versatile business tools for an environment which grows ever more reliant on the ability to work remotely.


Having this level of flexibility enables Office 365 to deliver potentially big savings when it comes to productivity.


Quite simply, by having the flexibility within the system allows businesses and employees to work smarter and save the company both time and money in the process. Through its effective messaging and conferencing tools via Sharepoint you can reduce travel needs, allowing colleagues to be able to collaborate remotely while being in constant contact and having the ability to instantly share material.

Indeed the inclusion of tools such as Sharepoint and the file sharing Lync Online are major factors when it comes to cost and productivity savings in a business, included as they are within the overall Office package and reducing the need for further specialist equipment or software.


As we’ve discussed before, security of data and online activity is of paramount importance to any business. With Microsoft Office 365 you’re adopting a system with a reputation for extremely robust anti-virus and anti-spam protection on its cloud servers. What’s more, the data that is stored within the cloud offer complete privacy in compliance with the highest standards in the industry. And, being stored in a virtual capacity has its advantages over local storage which has the potential for data loss in the event of damage to the hardware, from a flood, fire or other unforeseen event. With an uptime of 99.9% and a data loss recovery system built-in, Microsoft Office 365 offers security and safety of the very highest levels.

Simple & Familiar

We understand that many people wince at the thought of new systems being brought into a business, no matter how good they may be. That natural inclination to be nervous that some new-fangled piece of software will be too difficult to grasp. Well, Office 365 is simplicity itself for even the most basic computer users in your organisation. For one thing, there is likely to be nothing particularly new for a lot of users who will already be familiar with some tried and trusted tools such as Word or PowerPoint. This can significantly help when a business makes the transition to a cloud-based system from a more traditional office I.T. set up. Through the familiarity and lack of new jargon to be used the roll-out training is that much easier and your staff can be up and operating in no time at all.

General Costs in Operation

As well as saving from a productivity point of view, Office 365 can deliver overall cost savings in the business through both its roll-out and day to day operation. For one thing, the amount of additional – 3rd Party – software that an office might typically need to perform daily functions can be significantly cut with many of the necessary tools being incorporated into the 365 system. Furthermore, with Office 365 there is a level of flexibility in its payment terms so you can tailor the system to meet your needs while staying in your budget. With Office 365 you only pay for what you need, when you need it, so you are not paying for unnecessary programmes thus eliminating waste.

Also, by moving to a cloud-based system reduces to amount of hardware required to run your I.T. systems which can mean significant reductions not only the cost of capital equipment but also in relation to streamlining costs regarding your ongoing support.

Conveying a Professional Message to Your Clients

If your business has adopted a powerful, versatile and industry recognised system such as Microsoft Office 365 then you are subliminally sending a message to clients and potential clients that you take your I.T. solutions seriously. Investing in a product that offers seamless communication, reporting and sharing under one system rather than a mish-mash of different solutions can make your operation on a daily basis that much smoother and convey exactly the right kind of professional image for client confidence.

Always Up-to-Date

With Microsoft Office 365 you can be certain that your system is always up-to-date with no expired licences or software packages that have grown obsolete or not fit for purpose. Being signed up to Office 365 means that you will automatically receive the most up to date version of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) as a matter of course without having to chase around for updates or purchase new licences. Your system will always be operating at the newest, most advanced version on the market.

At Sabre ICT we’ve been fully endorsing the potential benefits of Office 365 to small and medium businesses in Cardiff and surrounding parts of South Wales. If you’d like to learn more about how it could help you, please give us a call.

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