Is the cloud secure?                                     

Organisations should ensure that IT security is at the top of their list of priorities, especially since cyber-breaches, hacking, and other online attacks are becoming more widespread.

With the use of the cloud and cloud-based applications increasing, it’s understandable for businesses to feel concerned about safety and security.

Hopefully, with this blog, we can put your mind at rest.

The cloud is more secure than you might think

Given that you are storing data in a virtual environment on servers that aren’t yours, it’s understandable that there may be uncertainty about security in the cloud.

However, this needn’t mean that your data is more vulnerable.

It’s not where your data is stored, it’s the way in which it can be accessed where the vulnerability lies.

If your access points are weak and under-protected then your data can be at risk, irrespective of whether you are using traditional systems or the cloud.

This is where your data can benefit from the modern, robust, high-level security used by reputable cloud providers.

In fact, Gartner predicts that there will be 60% fewer security breaches among cloud users by 2020.

Cloud safety measures

Certain measures have been put in place to ensure that cloud services are safe and secure, including:

Multi-layered security – Data stored on a hard drive in the office is prone to theft by someone actually stealing the computer upon which it rests. Data stored in the cloud is being stored in a virtual space, protected by encryption and other high-level physical and technical security measures.

Always updated software One of the primary reasons a system suffers a breach is because software falls out of date due to failure or delay in updating the new security patches or software updates. Cloud servers constantly monitor systems to ensure that you are always accessing the most up-to-date software with the most current anti-virus protection.

Mitigating risk

All new technology tends to come with a degree of trepidation from users and so it has proven with the cloud.

The reality is, there is no 100% guarantee of safety with any system or service you adopt. Data storage in all formats carries a risk but robust measures, updated software, and constant vigilance can help to minimise those risks.

If you’d like to find out how using the cloud and cloud-based applications securely and safely could improve your business, get in touch today.

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