Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support?

For many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across South Wales, outsourcing their IT support has proven to be a cost-effective solution to many of the day-to-day, week-to-week technical and business issues they encounter. And, while we understand that every business is different, with differing needs, we thought we’d look at some of the typical reasons that an SME might benefit from support from an experienced and professional IT provider.

Cyber-Security Issues

We’ve spoken before about the very real threat that cyber-breaches pose to all businesses, of all sizes, with SMEs particularly in the firing line as online ne’er do wells turn more frequently towards small organisations. This constant threat and the need to continually stay apace with new issues can put a strain on an in-house team who have to spread resources between this and the general support of the business.

That’s a recipe for trouble, with mistakes, or out-of-date intelligence and software liable to leave the business vulnerable.

A reputable IT provider, on the other hand, will have greater scope to cope with everyday threats, as well as more far-reaching and current knowledge of cyber-risks.

Cost Control

Outsourced IT solutions can often prove a more cost-effective option for SMEs who have to operate on tight budgets.

It can be a way of giving you much better control over your costs, as your IT supplier can provide you with a transparent view of all the costs and charges. You can tailor the service and support you need so that you have a firm understanding of your spend, allowing to greater control of your overall budget while ensuring the right levels of support for what is a critical component of your business.

Industry Knowledge

IT systems in many modern workplaces are complex and continually evolving to meet new challenges and needs. Something that can be an educational challenge for even the largest companies to stay on top of.

Is it realistic to expect a small team in an SME to be on the pulse with every new technological challenge?

With an outsourced IT solution, you tend to find that you are utilising a wider pool of experience, with varying levels of expertise that can invariably ensure you have the right support for the right IT issue at all times.

The Costly Risk of Downtime

Your IT team may be perfectly adept and capable of dealing with day to day issues. The maintenance of the system and ongoing problem-solving.

What happens, though, if something more catastrophic occurs?

Yes, we like to think that such things will never happen – but happen they do.

Faced with such a major problem is very often too much for an in-house team to deal with, unlikely to have the available resource to enact an effective disaster plan. This can lead to a sustained period of downtime for the business, which can be costly.

Extremely costly – with an estimated 5 million working hours lost each year across UK SMEs

 An outsourced solution, on the other hand, allows you to factor in a robust disaster recovery plan, with the expertise and guidance to ensure that you make the best of a bad situation.

 Helping the burden on your resources

All of the above should highlight that your IT system is vital to the ongoing success of your business – although you probably already knew that. But supporting and maintaining it on a day to day basis can put a real strain on the resources of a business that might be limited in this area.

Working with a professional local IT support provider can relieve this resource burden, as you put your system into the dedicated hands of an expert, while your team can get on with the more productive work of developing and growing the business.

To find out more about the Sabre IT solutions for SMEs across South Wales, speak to one of our advisors.



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