Remote Working – The Future of Business Productivity?

The notion of remote working has been around for many a year and, in the case of certain business models – field sales teams for instance – has been the norm for generations. The big issue has always been how to make the most efficient and profitable use of your time.

Which has always led to that default setting of heading back to the office to get the paperwork done.

But, in this day and age, is that really the most effective way to work?

But Times May Be Changing

According to an article in the Guardian in 2014, research by Stanford University in the USA showed that remote workers are, on average, 13% more productive that their work based counterparts. Indeed, the article backs this up with reports from Virgin and Office Angels who predict that commutes to work will be a thing of the past within twenty years.

Indeed, while an Office of National Statistics (ONS) report showed that 87% of us still apparently clog up the streets of Cardiff each morning on our daily commute, the remaining 13% of remote workers represents the highest number on record and likely to increase in the coming years.

So How Does Remote Working Help Productivity?

The answer to this question really lies within the technological innovations available to companies and their staff.

For instance, with the adoption of cloud-based I.T. solutions such as Microsoft 365, there is the ground-breaking ability to work almost anywhere whilst having all the tools, data and information needed to get the job done. Utilising the various tools could certainly demonstrate effective productivity gains if used appropriately across the business. For instance:

Communication – A key area for productivity in remote working is the relative ease we have available to us to communicate with colleagues and clients. With 4G now rolled-out across Cardiff, for instance, everything from phone calls and emails to video conferencing is possible to ensure you are accessible in the office, at home or in Starbucks!

This can certainly aid productivity and costs when it comes to collaborative projects as it can dramatically save on travel expenses and the booking of meeting venues. How easy it now is, say, for colleagues in Cardiff and Swansea to be directly linked without having to meet halfway.

Data Access – Business tools such as Microsoft 365 can provide access to all vital data through your laptop, phone or tablet within seconds. This can be a valuable and productive asset to many businesses in speeding up reporting, data sharing and administrative processes. For instance, where a field-sales rep might have had to head back to the office to process new business, they may now have the ability to channel it directly from their meeting place, car or park bench – improving journey plans and make greater use of the time in a working day.

Remote Working it would seem, is here to stay. The past decade has seen remarkable advances in communication, digital data sharing and cloud-based technology, designed to offer almost limitless flexibility in the way we work – specifically in allowing us to break free from the confines of our own office space.

And, more importantly – technology aimed at the perennial pot of gold at the end of the corporate rainbow: IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY.

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