Staying Secure with Office 365

We’ve discussed previously the costs attached to a security breach on your system; from loss of data to the potentially devastating costs attached to your finances and company reputation. It’s a business-critical issue that’s more than just an IT concern, but something that needs to be taken seriously throughout all levels of a company.

More businesses than ever are migrating their systems, or at least portions of them, to cloud-based applications; with SMEs across South Wales no exception to that trend. In particular, thanks to the remote-access, familiarity, and productivity benefits that we’ve discussed before, we’re helping businesses move their services to the market-leading Microsoft Office 365 suite.

However, in making these migrations to new technology and the cloud, the spectre of data integrity, safety, and cyber-security looms large. And is something that we take extremely seriously, and urge our clients to do likewise.

The Inherent Safety of Microsoft and the Cloud

The first thing to point out is that cloud-based technology is most certainly NOT something to fear. In and of itself, the technology is robust, sound, as safe an environment for your data as you are likely to find.

With Microsoft’s Office 365 especially so.

It offers a series of security measures and settings that can deliver genuine peace of mind that your data is safe and protected from a range of malevolent threats.

However, the mere fact that the system has security measures contained within, is not a reason for taking our eye off the ball. Cyber-threats are ever-changing, and the need for vigilance is a constant one.

Starting with the way in which you set-up and subsequently manage your Office 365 system, to ensure that it’s always delivering the utmost levels of protection. 

The Power of Encryption

Office 365 offers a high-end encryption service within its software providing the ability to encrypt data both at rest (in other words, when it’s being stored on the system) or in transit (when being shared over the network or email). The latter being a powerful protective device, ensuring that data is kept secret when being transferred over third-party channels.

Encryption is one of the most powerful defences against data loss or theft. A means to completely encode content so that it’s indecipherable without the decryption keys. And, when correctly configured, Office 365 offers an extremely effective encryption service for your benefit.

Disaster Recovery Set-Up

Every business should have a robust disaster and data recovery plan, as you can never make 100% predictions about future events. We work with businesses across South Wales on ensuring that a belts-and-braces approach to data security is put in place so that any breach or unexpected disaster won’t compromise the integrity of important information.

This should be a matter of course in today’s technologically dependent society, where data is utterly integral to the success of the business. And is something we encourage whether using traditional, cloud or a hybrid of the two.

However, Office 365 also offers additional security and peace of mind in this area; with its own robust data recovery service. As a cloud platform, the data contained is securely stored in the virtual sphere, therefore any hardware or local system failure won’t compromise the data stored upon 365. Offering a further level of protection for those crucial files.

Instantly Updatable Security Software

Office 365 does offer instantly updated security options, delivering a protective barrier against pervasive malware infecting your system. New cyber-threats emerge daily, and it’s crucial that your anti-virus software within Office 365 is equally responsive. By operating in the cloud, the software updates automatically, ensuring that it’s always optimised.

However, and this is something which you need to discuss with your 365 expert consultant, you cannot rely on this being suitably in place as a matter of course. As such, robust security is NOT a default service in off-the-shelf Office suites, but an add-on to the service, in accordance with your needs.

For a full understanding of the benefits of the Office 365 suite, and how to ensure it is secure and delivering a safe working environment, please talk to one of our expert consultants across South Wales.

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