The Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Costs of a DDoS Attack On Your Business

As we mentioned in our blog in the summer a report from Neustar earlier in 2015 made clear what many in the I.T. world were already aware: that businesses around the world are under ever greater risk of cyber attack.

Indeed, the report, compiled from a survey of 250 I.T. experts from around the world suggested that over the past year to eighteen months, the risk of a potentially damaging Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack has increased substantially, posing a very real and costly threat to business. In fact, of those surveyed, 70% noted that year-on-year investment in I.T. security had increased with 40% maintaining that this should be increased further in the coming years.

So, What is a DDoS?

DDoS are attacks on a business’ online service provision, whatever that may be, by overloading it with huge levels of traffic from a multitude of sources to severely disrupt, slow or in many cases crash the system. And, as you might imagine, the implications for those on the receiving end can be pretty stark, to say the least. Neustar’s report suggested that the cost of a system brought to its knees by a DDoS attack can put a major dent in a company’s finances with losses of up to £100,000 per hour reported in some particularly major cases.

The Ever Growing Importance of I.T. Security

There have been numerous high-profile incidents of DDoS attacks in the media over the past couple of years that may have brought them to your attention; the attack on Sony was front-page news across the world, while the attack on code-sharing platform GitHub prompted Barak Obama to declare a national emergency on the USA’s cyber security.

However, don’t be fooled into complacency by thinking this is a problem only for the big global organisations. The reality is that nobody is immune and any business with on online presence is subject to threat, whatever the size. The website Digital Attack Map reports that there are around 2000 attacks DAILY on businesses of varying sizes across the world.  

With each one proving costly, in more ways than one, including:

  • Financially
  • Losses of Intellectual Property
  • Damage to Brand and Customer Trust
  • Effects on Marketing Budgets as resources needed elsewhere
  • Negative impact on customer service

Protecting Your Business

The rise in these attacks globally give credence to the notion that businesses need to be ever vigilant in regard to their online security. We protect our properties off-line and, in this ever more digital age, the need to protect our property online is, at the very least, as important.

The traditional defence against attacks such as DDoS has been the use of firewalls, offering a barrier at the gateways to your system. And, while these firewalls will still play a role in overall security, the reality is that as attackers get more sophisticated, so you need to adopt more complex measures, combining a range of tactics from firewall to cloud-based controls on traffic.

Your business needs a robust, versatile and adaptable security solution to help protect against potential harmful attacks. The reality is nothing will ever guarantee 100% safety but to do nothing, or even the bare minimum, is exposing your company to real danger. So talk with your local, professional I.T. consultants, like us here at Sabre near Cardiff, and find out how to get the best solution to add some peace of mind to your business.

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