The Sabre Approach to Managed Wireless Installations

Having an effective, smooth-running, and secure wireless network at your place of work is a crucial component of the modern business. With the increase in mobile technology, remote working and Bring Your Own Device policies, your network needs to be robust and adaptable to the changing technological landscape.

We live in a digital age; where the cloud and wireless applications are ubiquitous, impacting and supporting almost every facet of our working lives. And the reality is that, for most businesses, a simple reliance on everyday ‘off-the-shelf’ style Wi-Fi, is not going to deliver the levels of performance, or peace of mind security, that you need.

At Sabre, as part of our managed support contracts, we’ve been delivering effectively managed wireless installations to businesses and organisations throughout South Wales for as long as wireless has been a thing. We know that there’s no one single solution, that each installation in each location will have its own challenges. Each organisation having specific needs that will be required of its Wi-Fi set up.

We also understand that, for the majority of business establishments, wireless is likely to already be the norm, already installed on premises.

But is it right for your modern needs? Maybe you were early adopters to the Wi-Fi world, now finding that the system has grown antiquated and not robust or fast enough for the way you operate.

The curse of the poorly designed network

Too many businesses, schools and public establishments have taken a piecemeal approach to their Wi-Fi installation. Adopting a consumer-style wireless network (such as you might install at home) at the outset and then upgrading or adapting with ad-hoc bolt-ons.

It’s an approach that often stems out of budgetary reasons and all too often proves to be a false economy. Hidden and ongoing costs attached to upgrading bandwidth, adding new access points, or costly issues with downtime, caused by a system poorly designed and insufficiently managed.

A system that creaks under the strain of the demands placed upon it is a business risk. If it fails it can have major implications on the business. Downtime not only costs money to restore, it affects productivity, service and ultimately profit. Not to mention the damaging effect it can have on your reputation.

Tailored Enterprise Systems to meet Business Needs

We’ve worked with a wide range of different establishments across South Wales, from hotels and public access buildings to office complexes of varying sizes. Each site requiring powerful, fast, reliable, and secure wireless; yet each having demands that were specific to them.

That’s why we advocate a tailored approach to the installations, utilising enterprise-grade technology and hardware to ensure that the system is not only equipped to meet today’s needs but adaptable to scale up (or down), accommodating future challenges.

A managed wireless installation means managing the process from beginning to end. Working with the client to establish needs, survey the site and develop plans and architecture for a system that won’t fail at the crucial moment. A process which entails such things as:

  • Surveys – Each site needs to be evaluated to survey the location and all the environmental aspects that can play such an effect on the connectivity of your Wi-Fi. This includes understanding radio frequency levels across the site, crucial for locating key access points.
  • Architecture - No different to other types of installation, how your system is planned and designed is crucial to the future success of the network. The architecture takes into consideration the layout, optimising access point location to understanding the areas when connectivity needs to be at its highest
  • Appropriate Access Points – The access points used in work are not the same as those we use at home. Ensuring that the correct ‘business grade’ access points are installed will improve reliability, which boosts productivity and offers long-term cost savings.
  • Appropriate Frequency Bands – Understanding the size of the site, the number of users and the different devices deployed (mobile and desktop) – plus the levels of other mobile devices likely to come onto the site, helps ensure that the bandwidth at the correct level for optimal use, without being wasteful to your budget.
  • Security – Managing the security of the wireless system is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire installation. We live in a world of breached data, hacked systems, and malware, with email, access points and Wi-Fi connection representing particular areas of vulnerability. Implementing robust security features for network access and protecting the access points from rogue networks to ensure your data remains secure in operation.

Wireless networks are the lifeblood for business operations across almost all industries. How we carry out our sales, marketing, finances, communications, and administration. And with an ever-increasing range of devices connecting to our networks, from mobiles and tablets to the rise of the Internet of Things, so your Wi-Fi needs to meet growing demands. Which is where working with an expert in managed wireless installations, can reduce your operating costs, improve efficiency, and provide peace of mind that you have a system that’s safe and meets the demands of your business.


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