Understanding Cloud Safety: How Protected is Our Data?

We live in a world where daily data breaches seem to have become the norm. From cyber-attack as a means of geopolitical brinksmanship, to the sixth-form hacker capable of bringing financial institutions to their knees. There seems to be a new story and new threat to our technology and IT systems on a weekly, maybe daily basis. Threats that we’ve spoken about in recent months on this very site, such as phishing and ransomware attacks.

Of course, it’s an issue to which we must all remain vigilant and brings into sharp focus the widespread use of cloud-based applications and technology.

Begging the question, just how safe an environment is the cloud for our data storage and general IT systems?

Better Levels of Security than Legacy IT Systems

While there are no definitive answers when it comes to cyber-security, as often it can boil down to the levels of diligence and vigilance of the user, the general rule of thumb to note is that cloud-based systems will be at least as safe, and in most cases safer, than a traditional, older system.

Yes, migrating data to the cloud means it’s being moved onto servers that are not your own – and stored at a facility outside of your own business parameters.

However, if you are working with a cloud provider of repute, and an IT team with expertise in the field, then this is likely to mean storage at a facility with more robust security measures.

Think of it logically; it’s in the interests of highly-regarded cloud providers to protect their data centres with the most up-to-date and high-tech security measures. This is where you can benefit from high-end safety features such as encryption (within the database and during transfers) and even high-level physical security measures at the premises itself.

Our instinct might be to think that data is more secure if kept closer to home. But in reality, any system’s vulnerability comes not from the location but points of access. The best cloud-providers are vigilant in keeping these points of access as safe as possible.

Software Updates

This is a key reason for many a cyber-breach and a particular problem for more traditional, legacy IT systems.

Quite simply, if you are using software or a particular programme on your system, and you don’t upload new security patches or download the updated versions, then you are creating a vulnerability or potential weak spot at key points of access.

On a traditional IT system, this might mean just one moment of taking one’s eye off the ball or a slight delay in receiving the update and then acting upon it.

Cloud servers, on the other hand, will typically be continually monitored, with software updated virtually instantaneously. This means that the software that you are accessing on your system will be the latest, up-to-date iteration, meaning the highest level of security.

No System Is 100% Immune

Many of the businesses with whom we deliver IT support across South Wales will operate on a hybrid of in-house and cloud. But it should go without saying that it doesn’t matter which type of IT system you have in place, the fact is that no system will offer 100% safety.

Cloud, traditional, or hybrid, cyber-attacks can happen to any system, at any time. As a business, your responsibility, therefore, is to ensure that you have been diligent enough to take all necessary measures of protection. To give your system the best chance to defend itself in the almost inevitable instance of an attack. 

By working with a reputable IT provider, with expertise in the cloud and all aspects of enterprise level IT infrastructures, you stand the best opportunity of ensuring the balance of cloud-based software and traditional solutions that enable you to carry out the essential tasks of your work as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the most robust levels of security possible.

If you’d like some advice on whether a cloud-based solution is best for your business, get in touch with our team today.

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