Understanding Structured Cabling Installations

In our last blog, we looked at our approach to managed wireless solutions. But while the world may be going wireless, don’t be fooled into thinking that this spells the end for effective and robust cabling within your IT network.

For, as computing and telecommunication infrastructure has become the essential foundation upon which all business operations seem to be built, the need for structured cabling to support this remains a crucial aspect in aiding your network’s smooth and efficient running.

As you are no doubt aware and finding within your own organisations, technology moves apace, with near daily innovations in the field of data storage and transfer, of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Software as a Service (SaaS) as well as new modes of online and mobile communication. Such developments place a strain on your network to be able to keep up; so, the cabling network you have installed needs to be high-performing and powerful enough to maintain demand. With the ability to scale up as new demands are placed upon it.

We help businesses in South Wales upgrade, renew or set up a network from new, offering an expert delivery of powerful and future-proof structured cabling installations. We’ll ensure that each network is fit for the challenges faced by each individual client, both now and in line with new growth and developments that may lie ahead.

Delivering structured cabling solutions

At the heart of a successful installation is the understanding that each network will be unique to the client and the location. This is essentially due to:

  • The layout and design of the building
  • The mix of cabling and connection products required
  • The specific requirement of the client
  • Variances of budget
  • Pre-existing networks – either being incorporated, upgraded, retrofitted or replaced
  • The hardware, software, and other equipment that the cabling will be used with


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple installation of new connection points in the office or a complete network installation of an entire complex, the need for consultation and planning is paramount to the overall success.

The planning stage allows us to fully understand the customer needs, aligning a solution to this based on location, type of cabling and equipment required to meet the needs. In planning the installation thoroughly, it also enables the actual work and roll-out to run more smoothly, because…


Undertaking a structured cabling installation at your place of work can be a major task, with potential disruptions to operations possible. That’s why it’s important, from the planning stage onwards, to ensure that the installation process has built within it a robust business continuity contingency.

Cabling Types

In analysing and understanding the needs of your business from a computing, data storage and communication perspective, it’s crucial that the right kind of cabling is used that will be powerful enough to meet the challenges of today, while of a kind that can be easily scaled up to cope with future innovations and demands.

Typical for voice and data network cabling are:

  • CAT5e
  • CAT6
  • CAT7
  • Fibre Optic

The cabling used will be dependent on conditions related to the surrounding environment and the materials within the building. It will also vary in relation to the different uses of the cabling, ensuring that it can deliver the appropriate bandwidth for smooth use and maximum uptime.

For most businesses, in almost all industries, their IT network is essential to every part of daily operation. Audio and visual communication, high-speed Wi-Fi, data storage and cloud computing, administrative tasks, instant messaging, and email. Working with specialists in delivering first-class structured cabling installations offers peace of mind that these critical components of your business are installed, smoothly operated and up to the challenges of today’s working world, and those that are to come.

And, for those businesses choosing Sabre across South Wales, there’s the added assurance of unsurpassed ongoing support and long-life warranties on the equipment and cabling installed. If you’d like to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us today.


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